Swing and a miss: Living the Golf Course Lifestyle

The Golf industry carries a certain stigma, those that play the sport tend to be viewed as wealthy. This is no mistake, Golf is an expensive sport, and generally the people on the course have time, and money to spare. If you head out to your local academy or dicks or goldsmith, you’ll see drivers ranging from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. This biggest expense for a regular golf player is not even the clubs, it is the fees of playing a round.
Most golf players want to play good quality courses, the price on these courses is through the roof, people may pay 30-400 dollars for a round of golf on a decent Golf course. When one takes into account that to become a consistent and good golf player you have to play 10+ times a month, this means that golf fees can range from 300-3,000 dollars a month. No doubt, if you are trying to play golf and not lose money, you are going to swing and miss.
There is a way, to make playing golf beneficial to your wallet, however, it takes money and status to make money.Not the average Joe can go out and implement these money making techniques we are going to go over in this article.
First of all, if one wants to use Golf to make mountains of money, they should use it to Network. Pick a golf course that has a clientele of wealthy men, and start playing really often. Make friends with everyone you meet, make contacts and ease into friendly play. Friendly play means you invite someone to play with you, this will give you 1-3 hours of alone time with whoever you are playing with, and what may have started as a conversation about who is better at golf, may end in you finding out your new friends service company could use your marketing consulting expertise.
The second way of making money on the Golf course, is going to be a much higher stakes investment.
Buying a home on a Golf course is a great investment, you will get free golf (most likely) and you will be making a high quality real estate investment that most likely will pay off over time. You can now feel confident that you are not wasting your money when playing golf, and if you play often you will save thousands of dollars a year, plus it gives you the ability to network even heavier. You will be able to take people on the course for free, this will make you out to be a very respected person, and give off the aura that you know what you are doing, it will be much easier to close sales when you exude confidence and class.
In conclusion, you might consider taking out a mortgage loan for a Golf course home to cut your golfing expenses. You will even see some promos for these homes where the realtor offers a set of golf clubs with the purchase of the home, and make everything much more appealing.

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