Making And Maintaining Golf Course

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Making And Maintaining Golf Course – Facts You Never Knew

All of us love to spend a weekend taking a round of the golf course, playing a few rounds as well. But have you ever wondered what goes into making a golf course? There is a lot that goes into preparing and maintaining a golf course, maybe more than you may imagine. There exist a few companies in every state that focus on the styling and maintenance of golf courses in particular. Read on to find out what exactly goes into all that.

golferThere is a basic outline that you need to work within when planning a golf course. The amount of land at your disposal will always have some limit, and you need to do your best to incorporate eighteen challenges into it. The average golf course is around five to seven thousand yards long, so you need to keep that in mind when planning the holes. The rest of it gets pretty interesting as you plan to include challenges into the field. You need to ask yourself where a water hole or a sand pit may be placed so as to make the game more interesting and things like that. It could be a lot of fun planning all these traps on the course.

Of course you will need to work within a budget. The vast area of a golf course tends to make it a very expensive field to plan and make, and you could end up with a one million dollar bill at the least, if you want a decent course. Not all of us are millionaires and so we need to plan every little detail beforehand. Make a realistic budget, not too low and not too high and make a plan outline before you go looking for a sponsor. Chances are you will find a financier if you have a decent plan put down on paper.

Once you are over the hurdle of getting the finance arranged, you will need to think of the equipment and manpower resources to get the job done. Here is where you need to work the hardest to bring your dream course to reality, and it is the most fulfilling part of the process as well. While you are constructing the course, it is a good idea to get started on the advertising aspect as well, so you will have ready customers by the time the building and layout of the course is completed. Make sure you have a few birds eye aerial photographs to include in the advertisements, and then you could start off by arranging a special get together or party with inviting possible future members as well.

Maintaining a golf course requires you to hire people on salary basis, so you will have to take care of that beforehand. Golf as we all know is associated with style and finesse, so make sure you have personnel who have good customer care experience working for you – people who have served in hotel industries would be perfect candidates for the job. Improving drainage where needed to produce a healthier turf with better systems that can draw moisture from a larger volume of soil