Golfing is good for elder people

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Nowadays we are finding the that a average elder person is suffering from various diseases like arthritis , heart problems , low bone density etc. Mostly these problems are increasing to due to inactivity of a person, as they cannot find anything that they can do because of their medical condition. Elder people need something that they can enjoy without any injuries and golf, golfing is one of such sport.

Golfing is the activity of playing golf. It is a sports which is quite less taxing on person’s body . This game is played on a huge course which is usually full of greenery and lakes. Not only does golf is less demanding physical but it also help us keep our brain busy and increase its efficiency. This is especially good for old people as they would be able to enjoy themselves without harming their body and stay fitter than others of their age.

There are many physical benefits of golf, golfing

Heart is the most important component of our body and it is also the most vulnerable at the age of elder people as because of inactivity their heart rate goes down which can result into stroke and other such heart related problems. If a elderly person starts playing golf , he would be able to get the blood pumping to his heart as he will be walking , carrying bags , swinging the club etc. It would also reduce the chances of diabetes and would also control harmful cholesterol if done with a proper diet . This will also control their blood pressure which will reduce the chances of any organ to fail with increasing age . Many elderly people have many digestive problems which result into them not being able to eat food properly but because of regular exercise their metabolism would improve and they will not get any digestive problems .

As golf, golfing is a low impact sports it will be quite less taxing on the body of a elderly person . As the person just has to walk on gentle grass and their very less probability of getting any injury which makes golfing a great activity. High weight is also a very big factors for most of these problems and with golfing a person can also reduce their weight as they will be active at least for a couple of hours during golfing days. Reduce weight would result into less impact on their body and would reduce the chances of arthritis which is quite a major problem in today’s world .

Golfing also have many mental benefits as living in natural airs stimulates the brain and help them to remember better which reduces the chances of developing memory problems like Alzheimer etc . Golfing also lead to reduced stress and which maintains the mental health of a elderly person this all leads to them getting better sleep and rejuvenating them and their life. This can ultimately result into less chances of getting a brain nerve clotting which results into tumor formation which is deadly .

These all factors result into a important thing that is they will now live longer and a better life without worrying about their health and enjoying their life as it is . And also studies have also found out that a golfer has better life expectancy than a normal person who is not playing golf. This all makes golf a perfect activity for the elderly.

One big problem that a elderly person faces is loneliness , that is living alone without talking to any because of many reason like passing away of their spouse which can result into mental breakdown or neglection by their children etc . This problem is as difficult to cope up with as any physical pain and this problem can also be solved by playing golf. You may consider contacting . As a person will meet with different people of various cultures and would get to talk with them and make bonds . They can make good friends and which would result into socialization of their life.

So this how golf is the best activity for elderly person from which they can have fun , meet with friends , enjoy their life without worrying about any health problems. So every elderly should try this beautiful sports of golf, golfing.
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